Camping Safaris in Uganda: (All Inclusive) Camping Tours Uganda

Camping Safaris in Uganda: (All Inclusive) Camping Tours Uganda are the Best Budget safari option in Uganda at Bwindi Forest National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo National Park. Book Camping Safaris in Uganda for the Best

Camping is a very exceptional way to enjoy safaris in Uganda as you sleep in the great outdoors listening to all echoes of the night from wildlife and primates in the night.

The Camping option includes sleeping in shared and single tent options with an opportunity to upgrade to safari tents.

Most of the camping sites are set on forested ground watching scenic views of the green vegetation terrain, birds, hills, valleys, plains.

How Does It Work?

A vast private spacious tent is designed for you to spend the night and these are not that challenging to put up even for those who have not camped before however, there are guides willing to offer a helping hand. As you pin up your tent, self-inflating comfortable camping pads are provided to sleep on. These camping options are available for all kinds of travelers on short or longer tours in Uganda.

The Safari Cars we provide come with the camping gears to make your wild adventure very exceptional and unforgettable and these include; Kitchen cutlery, Mattresses, Sauce Pans, Spoons, Knives, Tables, Chairs, pillows, etc.

The Camping Gears we provide come with an extra cost i.e US $10 per day.

Where Do You Camp in Uganda?

Camping Safaris in UgandaUganda has a variety of Campsites where you can pin your tent and sleep for the nights. The Camping Tents are cozy, comfortable offering access and scenic views of the beautiful landscapes.

We use carefully selected well managed camp sites that range from amazing camps in the wilderness to commercial camping grounds run by different safari lodges in Uganda.

The Camping grounds are located to offer Beautiful spots near lakes, mountains and Forest vegetation. While camping, you will need running water, toilets and fireplaces. The Camping experience offers you amazing insights into the local and outdoor cultural experiences of the local people.

How to Upgrade?

While on camping safari in Uganda, you can upgrade from the normal camping tents to cabins for the Overnights. The upgrade can be done while making your booking especially when you prefer a luxury treat. The cabins are specified in Double/ Twin Rooms, Single Room and Family Cottages.

When in remote areas/ locations, the upgrades are quite challenging hence to upgrade comes as the last resort in case of bad weather conditions. You can decide whether you want to upgrade then contact us to plan your trip then upgrade your camping option in Uganda.

Camping Dos and Don’ts

Camping has various Dos and Don’ts all travelers from all over the globe to follow and these include;

  • Get the Right Camping Gear and Camping Ground

Before you go on Camping Safari in Uganda, ensure to get the right camping Gear and a Camping Ground. Follow through the various camping basics like food preparation and fire building.

  • Choose your appropriate Camping Site

As you are thinking of going on Camping Safari in Uganda, ensure you choose the best camping Site in Uganda for there are various camping sites in Uganda at different Safari Destinations i.e Murchison Falls National Park, Bwindi Forest National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo National Park.

  • Ensure to check and carry Camping Gear

As you are planning to go camping safari in Uganda, make sure you know, check and choose your camping Gear to use while on your safari in Uganda.

  • Carry your camping essentials

When transferring for your camping safari in Uganda, carry all your camping essentials so that you enjoy your safari in Uganda.

  • Arrive before Dusk

While planning and preparing for your camping safari in Uganda, ensure to arrive before dusk/ Nightfall. This helps you plan your Overnight well as well set your camps and items very appropriate hence a lovely night and holiday.

  • Look out for Fire Break Outs

While camping at the Camp Sites, make sure you look out for any fire Outbreaks so that you enjoy the best holidays in Uganda.

  • Don’t limit your meal Variety

While on Camping Safari in Uganda, make sure no to limit your meal variety as this offers you an opportunity to enjoy a variety of foods hence a remarkable safari in Uganda.

  • Communicate with someone about your Safari

When on your camping safari in Uganda, make sure to talk to someone about your camping safari in Uganda as well as provide them with information regarding the camping sites.

  • Travel very Light

While planning and preparing to transfer for your camping safari in Uganda, we recommend you travel light. Don’t carry heavy material or luggage so that you enjoy the Best Safaris in Uganda.